Flat Glass Windshields

All of our flat glass windshields are USA made and cut to order here at our shop. We carry a full line of original factory patterns (Over 17,000 different patterns!), so we can process your order as soon as it comes in. 

We have two colors to choose from: Clear, or Solex (Green tint). Solex glass is the automotive green tint used since the 1950’s. It reached it’s height in popularity during the 1960’s when hot rodding was at an all-time high.

What color should you go with? Well, that depends on the color and style of street rod, hot rod, classic, or vintage car you’re building!

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Curved Glass Windshields

We are experts in the installation of curved glass windshields. The tricky part about installing these yourself is that different windshields are going to fit differently in your car, so buying the correct part is more important than ever. If you want an easy and professional install that looks perfect, call us! We’ve installed these windshields for a long time, and all of our customers love the work that we do for them.

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Windshield Installation

We know classic cars and trucks better than anybody! Okay, you think we’re tooting our own horn? Well, we are. We will even prove it to you! Need help installing your own windshield? We can tell you which bolts need to be loosened, what items need to be removed first, and which specific lubrication should be used to help install your glass.

So, never be worried about picking up the phone and asking for a little free advice from an experienced installer of antique car glass. Old cars are all we do, and it’s all we know! (Are we showing our age, yet?)

We know that if we do a great job for you, it will benefit both of us down the road. We aren’t in this business to sell a few pieces of glass! We are in this business to build a relationship with clients that trust us, know they’re getting their money’s worth, and refer others that need our help.

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